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We believe – and so should you — that your ability to deliver consistent quality is the key to success for every coffee roasting business.
We are a team of coffee professionals who have started our own successful coffee roasting businesses and over the past 10 years we have trained over thousand of coffee professionals from all across the world. We built this online learning platform so you could be the most confident coffee professional out there.

The quality of your coffee is the most significant difference between you and your competition.


Why is this course important?

In our careers we have seen so many coffee roasting companies roasting all their coffees the same way, or selecting their green coffees without testing them first. We have met roasters who never cup their coffee. We are even ready to admit that some of us started the same way.
While just ten years ago companies could succeed this way, today we are living in the golden age of coffee and consumers are not satisfied with a mediocre product.
Our goal with this course is to make you a highly skilled, confident and knowledgeable coffee professional. By mastering the core and advanced concepts of roasting coffee you will confidently create consistent roasts, and you will be able to adjust the aromatic and flavor properties of your coffee.

You will learn how to evaluate coffee professionally. You will be able to determine the real value of the coffee an importer is trying to sell you and understand how to improve it.

With this course you will efficiently create impressive coffee blends, understand the quality elements on the farm and much more.

Is this course for you?

If you are starting a coffee business or you already have one and you care about the quality of your coffee from start to finish, this course is a must for you.

If you are a coffee consultant or plan to start to work with coffee professionally and you want to understand coffee from start to finish this course is definitely for you.

If you are a home roaster and you want to get most of your roasting, this course is for you too.

If you just love coffee and you want to understand the techniques behind the best coffees out there, this course might be for you too.

Will you have to sell your house to get this knowledge?

If you have looked into the price of professional coffee courses, you know that these courses can be extremely expensive and their availability is very limited.
Well how about doing it for one tenth of the price while mastering much more than only one aspect of coffee? How about studying at your own pace and choosing when and where you take a class?
This is why we created Boot Camp Coffee’s online course: for fraction of the classroom price you can take the quality of your coffee to a professional level.

start Improving your coffee now

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Kevin McLoughlin
Kevin McLoughlin

I was very impressed with the Coffee Pro online course. The courses cover a wealth of knowledge from coffee growing and processing, to cupping and roasting. I also found the Q&A videos really useful. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of coffee from source to cup and improve the quality of coffee they offer their customers.

We found the videos easy to watch and understand. We highly recommend BootCampCoffee to everyone.

Andrew MacCormack
Andrew MacCormack
Coffee Roasting Enthusiast, Ontario, Canada

Boot Camp Coffee is a well rounded course with easy to follow content. The information, demonstrations and recommendations are provided by experienced professionals and are inspirational to a new roaster.

Paul Carmichael
Paul Carmichael

Boot Camp Coffee Online Courses is a great course and very comprehensive. The video go into great depth on various topics and demonstrate thru actual demonstration. I found it easy to access key video and material and have learnt alot. My only issue was with the older website that was complicated and alittle tricky to manuever around and find things but this has been solved.

Join over 500 coffee professionals who roast, cup and do coffee professionally



This is the most complex online course for coffee professionals for a fraction of the price of a classroom course.


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  • First you will learn about the concept of creating roast profiles by identifying the three vital measuring points on the coffee roaster and the way to correlate during roasting. This is your driver’s license to the world of roasting coffee.
  • From there you will learn about the trendiest parameter on coffee roasting: the airflow. Airflow is the amount of air moving through the roasting drum during roasting. You can use the airflow to regulate the speed of the roast, but also to influence the final flavor profile of the coffee.
  • You will learn how to easily identify the roast stages with Willem Boot’s unique aromatic milestones, so you know what is happening with your coffee beans in the coffee roaster.
  • Watch Jodi Wieser and Willem Boot do a sample roast and put all the theory into practice.
  • Get full control over your roasts with lectures by Kees Kraakman on advanced theories of roasting, including a concept that will change your life — the Rate of Rise.


Production Coffee Roasting
  • First, you will get familiar with some basic tools to help you analyze coffee before and after roasting. Based on the results and visual observations, you will be able to select the right roasting strategy for any coffee.
  • Jodi will take you from sample roasting to production roasting and demonstrate step-by-step roasting on a 6kg/15lb production roaster.
  • Get answers for the most-asked questions from aspiring coffee professionals. Willem Boot answers our students’ questions, including how to purchase a coffee roaster, how to control airflow and how does it influence the coffee flavor, how to roast decaf, how to choose strategies with coffees with different bean density, how to troubleshoot certain roasting errors, and many more.
  • Protect yourself and your coffee equipment by keeping it safe. Kris Wieser from Equator Coffees and Teas will tell you how to prevent fires in the roaster.


Avada Admin
  • This module is for everyone who is playing with the idea of using a hot air roaster. In this module we will introduce the concept of hot air roasting using convectional heat to roast your coffee. Willem will show you one of the smaller represent ants of this concept, the Sonofreco.
  • Most importantly, Willem compares coffee roasted with hot air and coffee roasted with a San Franciscan, a traditional medium airflow roaster, so it will be easier for you to decide if hot air roasting is for you.


Coffee Cupping
  • Cupping is the basic and industry standard strategy when evaluating coffee; but it is essential to know how your coffee tastes when prepared by your retail and wholesale customers.
  • Daniel Humphries will introduce the basic concepts of preparing coffee for different manual and automatic brewing methods.
  • Espresso is the choice of your wholesale customers. In easy steps Daniel explains how to prepare and evaluate espresso.


Brewing Coffee
  • Cupping is the basic and industry standard strategy when evaluating coffee; but it is essential to know how does your coffee taste when prepared by your retail and wholesale customers.
  • Daniel Humphries will introduce basic concepts of preparing coffee in different manual and automatic brewing methods.
  • Espresso is the choice of your wholesale customers. In easy steps Daniel explains the how to prepare and evaluate espresso.


Equator coffees
  • Equator Coffees and Teas was kind enough to share their production secrets with us. We can’t thank them enough that we can bring you this amazing module.
  • First, Maureen McHugh and Ted Stature will explain the core values of Equator Coffee and their commitment to quality.
  • Caitlin McCarty-Garcia – Green Coffee Procurement and Cooperation with Women Farmers ???
  • In the production segment, Ted Stachura explains what it means to have a Roast to Order company where freshness is the basic principle behind the quality of the product.
  • Kris Weiser will share step-by-step the production process of delivering freshly roasted coffee to their wholesale and online customers on a daily basis from receiving orders, to roasting, packaging all the way to shipping.
  • Next Kris will help you to understand how to apply all the roasting theory you learned in the previous modules in a real business setting. He will explain how he determines which roast profile to use, how many roast profiles they have and how do they utilize different airflow on different roasting machines.
  • He will elaborate on the advantages of conduction or convection heating when trying to bring out certain characteristics of the coffee.


The Art of Blending Coffee
  • In the beginning Jodi Wieser will explain the reasons why you might want to blend coffee
  • From there, she will introduce different types of blending approaches – tension blends or harmonious blends.
  • You could spend a lifetime trying different blend combinations. Jodi will show you an easy to follow and very efficient methodology for creating blends.
  • Espresso is one of the reasons to create blends. Jodi will show you necessary steps to create and evaluate espresso blends. With her tutorial and quality coffee you can create the most impressive blend out there.


Avada Admin
  • In this module we will introduce the role of a coffee importer so you can understand what she or he can do for your business, and get you started if you want to import your own coffee beans.
  • First, Willem Boot will explain the path of coffee from origin to the consumers’ country and the sampling process involved. Willem will also elaborate on pros and cons of a Direct Trade — a business model when the roaster brings in his own coffee beans, avoiding the coffee importer.
  • Finally he will show you the cupping protocol importers use and how the samples are marked so they can be traced all the way back to their origin.


Avada Admin
  • You will never roast quality coffee if you do not know how quality is assessed. This module is the underlying foundation of understanding coffee.
  • In the first unit, Willem will point out the quality determinants of every coffee during growing, harvesting and processing coffee. You will need all this information before you order your first samples to do your initial assessment about the coffee.
  • Willem will go into detail about different coffee processing techniques. Today, these are among the most important determinants when it comes to sophisticated customers’ flavor expectations, and also are important when selecting the right roast profile. If you are serious about developing your own product, coffee processing has to be one of the most important determinants in choosing the right coffee.

BONUS Mini Modules


Origin of Coffee

Growing Geisha Variety – Willem Boot will take you to his farm and show you how a premium crop like Geisha is grown. With these practices, Willem Boot won the very prestigious Best of Panama 2014 competition.


Avada Admin

In special modules filmed in Panama and Ethiopia, we take you to the farm and show you some of these steps in practice.


Origin of Coffee

We will introduce some of the most common coffee Arabica varietals in beautiful Panama. This module will help you identify some of the Arabica varietals and how they can influence the flavor of your coffee.


Origin of Coffee

Every coffee professional should be familiar with them so they can understand the risks to the quality of your coffee when the crop has certain issues. Just think of the recent coffee rust outbreak in Central America or coffee beetle attack a few years ago in Hawaii.


Origin of Coffee

We will explore how this coveted varietal came about.


Origin of Coffee
Get familiar with few sustainable growing practices.

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Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee
Origin of Coffee


Origin of Coffee

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