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Master roasting coffee, cupping, coffee quality evaluation and understand the path of the coffee from the farm to cup.

Our video driven training programs offer in-depth expertise to help you master the craft of coffee cupping, coffee roasting and much more!

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Control the Quality of your Coffee

Over 14 hours of video helping you to create the best coffee in the neighborhood

  • Basic and Advanced Roasting Concepts
  • Coffee Quality Evaluation
  • Analyse Green Coffee
  • Learn about Coffee Farming and Processing
  • Coffee Blending
  • Support Forum (Beta)

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Learn from World Class Trainers

Our trainers will help you to take the quality of your coffee to a new level


Willem Boot: world renowned specialty coffee expert and author; cupper, roaster and coffee farmer.

Jodi Dowell: certified Q-grader and trainer, coffee roasting and cupping expert; responsible for all laboratory operations.

Daniel Humphries: specialty coffee specialist and education professional.

“I have just signed up for Boot Camp, and I am absolutely thrilled and excited to have access to all this information and expertise.”
Richard Katz, Trump and Timbal, Cape Town, Southern Africa
“I have to say it is absolutely outstanding. I’ve been a coffee roaster for over 5 years and now realize, after being in Boot Camp, just how little I really new and understood about coffee.”
Ken Fivella, Martinez, CA
“Even though I’ve been roasting for 12 years, I am completely self-taught and your classes have really helped round out my knowledge. This is especially true in roast development, processing and cupping. I highly recommend it for anyone that is new to the business or is self-taught.”
Seth Stevens, Broad River Roasters, Shelby-NC, USA
“Boot Camp Coffee is providing small roasters with a chance to advance their knowledge in this field without breaking the bank. You are really changing the industry by doing this.”
Anna Trygg, Skarpnäck, Sweeden

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