Online Education for Coffee Roasters and Professionals

At Boot Camp Coffee we teach specialized courses in the art and science of coffee tasting, roasting, quality management and green coffee production. These online courses provide you the fundamental knowledge and expertise to start or progress your coffee career and to feed your curiosity in an array of technical areas that pertain to the coffee industry. Willem Boot, our founder, is an internationally renowned coffee expert with more than 25 years of professional coffee experience. Boot Camp Coffee is the best possible preparation before you are actually “hands on” with the product. Since our inception, hundreds of students have successfully completed our curriculum. We frequently release new exciting materials and videos. At Boot Camp Coffee you can explore coffee at origin and learn about coffee varieties, coffee processing, sustainability and other issues which the modern coffee industry faces.

Our Team

Willem Boot
Willem BootFounder and Trainer
I have worked in the coffee industry for more than 25 years as a barista, roaster and cupper. I started and managed a coffee roasting company in The Netherlands and in 1998 I founded Boot Coffee. Over the years we have trained more than 1000 companies in the US and abroad. I have worked as a cupping (head) judge, quality development specialist and economic coffee advisor in more than 15 coffee producing countries. In California I own a specialized coffee roasting and cupping laboratory where we present our live courses through Boot Coffee. The courses that we teach at Boot Camp Coffee are the best other option to develop the fundamental knowledge to excel in your coffee career. Send me an email for any questions.
Valerian Hrala
Valerian HralaCo-Founder and Inhouse geek
Put together coffee and technology and you get me. I am originally from Central Europe where I studied political science and worked for human rights in Slovakia and the former Yugoslavia. After returning from the Balkans in 2002, I started Green Plantation Coffee. My family and I moved to California in 2010 when I started to work with videos and web design and digital strategies primarily for the coffee industry. I am also a host of a podcast for coffee professionals -,
Jodi Wieser
Jodi WieserLead Trainer and Partner
Jodi has been working with Boot Coffee Consulting as Quality Consultant and Trainer since 2008. After college, she lived in Mali, West Africa for two years focusing on international development work. Upon returning from Africa, she attended graduate school receiving a Masters in Intercultural Studies. She is a Licensed Q Grader and an active member of the Roasters Guild. She specialises in developing unique blends and roast profiles for clients. She provides expert training to coffee professionals from around the world during our Roasting and Cupping Courses.
Merlee Benefield
Merlee BenefieldMarketing Specialist
My interest in coffee first began while working as a barista in college, then only grew while spending the summer in coffee-centric Indonesia during graduate school.
The coffee industry is wide and vast, reaching around the equator and into billions of homes everyday.
At Boot Coffee Consulting, I spend my time marketing unique, high quality, direct trade coffees to top-notch coffee roasters here in the US; once those coffees have a home, I help them get there safely.
Daniel Humhries
Daniel HumhriesLead Trainer
I was born and raised in the epicenter of American coffee culture, Seattle, Washington. Since then I have lived and worked coffee on four continents, from the farm to the roastery to the bottom of the cappuccino cup. The coffee chain is extraordinarily long, from the cherry to the café. I specialize in understanding all sides of the business, and helping people broaden their understanding of coffee.
I am an expert in all kinds of coffee brewing equipment, an expert in roasting, and an expert in cupping. I have extensive experience working on the ground at origin with coffee farmers and with coffee processors. I have been certified as a Star Cupper by the Coffee Quality Institute, and have served on international judging panels.
Stephen Ezel
Stephen EzelLab manager and Creative Brain
I joined Boot Coffee in 2013 and my key focus is the coordination of activities in our Mill Valley lab. I have a strong background in the hospitality industry working for a decade as a bartender/mixologist. My professional areas of interest include the research and development of roast and brew profiles, the creation of blends, and education.