I have a 2kilo Roaster Authority Victory-2. Air flow is handled with a damper that allows all drum and 50/50 between drum and cooling bin. It also has a fan speed controller.
I tend to roast at 100% fan speed but always running 50/50 airflow between drum and cooling bin. I feel as though I am getting consistent results as far as roast time and development but I am concerned I might not be using the airflow to its fullest potential. I’ve roasted with the air flow coming from the drum only and noticed it was taking much longer and my air temperature never peaked above 400F. I’ve never tried lowering the fan speed as it hasnt hindered my roasting the way I’m running it. I just wanted some feedback on what you thought about air flow for my machine. Would it be beneficial to run air from the drum only and use the fan speed controller when roasting? Or is it fine to run 50/50 the entire time?

What would a typical air temp curve look like for roasting? I’ve seen it covered lightly in videos but it would be cool to have a general curve as to what air temperatures should be during a roast.

What would be some general charge temps for this size machine (2kilo/5lb)?