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About Valerian Hrala

Valerian is one of the partners at Boot Camp Coffee. He is originally from Slovakia where he co-owns the very trendy Green Plantation Coffee. Since he moved to California he works on digital coffee related projects. Check out his new podcast for coffee professionals:

Looking for the Best Roast Profile?

Not long ago Cropster (coffee roast profile and quality logging software) shared the roast profiles of the winners of the Word Coffee Roasting Championship. If you look at them they look very different from what you find in our course and yet, they were awarded the best roast profiles in 2015. If you look at [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Freshness

Most of our students at Boot Camp Coffee join the course because they started or want to start a coffee business providing freshly roasted coffee beans for their customers. As far as I know, we do not have coffee roasters who do not consider freshness as one of their qualitative advantages over mass-produced coffee, but [...]

4 Scenarios to Determine the Way You Do Sample Roasts

In the last email round we got a question from Isaac: "How to handle sample roasting?". BTW if you are not subscribed to our mailing list, do it now! It is full of coffee stories and useful tips. Subscribe by clicking here Now, back to sample roasting. First, you must ask yourself the essential [...]

Buying a Coffee Roaster? Here are few considerations so you do not get burned.

This is not a review of coffee roasters and I will not present the ultimate roaster. Instead, I am going to list a few important considerations you should take in account when purchasing any coffee roaster. How much coffee do you plan to sell? And how much do you plan to grow in the [...]

Are Coffee Roast Profiles and Pink Unicorns the Same Thing?

Not long ago, I received an email where the author had very cynical views about roast profiling. In his story he claimed that roast profiles are overrated, and the general customer does not taste the difference between different profiles. I think this is an excellent and evergreen topic and I know there are many roasters [...]

4 Ways to Choose Green Coffee Your Customers Will Rave About

Purchasing green coffee is one of the most exciting experiences for every coffee roaster and roasting business. For most of us, looking through a selection of green coffee offerings is like being the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Home roasters have the luxury of selecting coffees based on their names, origins, and descriptors, since [...]

8 Tips for Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

For a while now I have been playing with the idea of writing a book about my experience with starting a coffee roasting business. I did start a successful coffee business, but I am definitely not a business guru with magic tricks up my sleeve. So I asked the coffee roasting community to help me [...]

Look at Your Green Coffee Before You Roast It

High-density beans have more cells per cubic millimeter and thus a denser cell structure than low-density beans. As a result, high-density beans are more resistant to heat and the roaster must adjust the roast profile accordingly. There are different ways to determine the "hardness" or bean density of a coffee bean. The most common and [...]

Affordable Coffee Roaster You Can Learn Roasting On

Learning the craft of roasting requires many hours of practice. Without access to a production roaster, it can be hard to come by the opportunity to roast regularly, something we have been thinking about at Boot Camp Coffee since we launched our online courses. Most home roasters do not give a very good simulation of [...]

Aromatic Milestones – The Basic Coffee Roasting Skill

Using aromatic milestones, you can roast without any logging software or theoretically even without a thermometer (although I don't advise it) as they mark certain progress in the coffee roasting process. You can identify them all the way until the first crack. As the name suggests, this approach uses your sense of smell to identify [...]