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About Valerian Hrala

Valerian is one of the partners at Boot Camp Coffee. He is originally from Slovakia where he co-owns the very trendy Green Plantation Coffee. Since he moved to California he works on digital coffee related projects. Check out his new podcast for coffee professionals:

Gavin Gam – Aroma’s Secrets #3 – Branding

In this last part of the interview Gavin talks about branding. He discusses the relationships with cafes and how branding helps the cafes to promote the quality of his coffee. Branded cups are a good start but customer training, support, and preventative maintenance are the true secrets behind their success in coffee distribution. He also [...]

Interview with Gavin Gam – Aroma’s Secrets #2 – Roasting Coffee, Blending – Pay by Sharing

Second part of Gavin Gam's interview. This time Willem Boot was interested in the background operation of Aroma Coffee. Gavin introduces us to his girls Katherine and Ruby. He explains their differences, in age and temperament, and why a 50 year old roaster is still a very good choice. Gavin describes their roasting approach in [...]

Interview with Gavin Gam – Aroma’s Secrets #1 – Australian Coffee Market and Buying Green Coffee

Willem Boot interviewed Gavin Gam, a coffee roaster and direct trade coffee buyer from Australia. Australia is home to 500 roasters and as Gavin says, it is "the most advanced and competitive coffee businesses of the word". Gavin works for Aroma Coffee, the industry leading medium size roaster in Sydney and recent Champion Australian Roaster, [...]

How Does the Airflow Influence the Flavor of the Coffee

Can you elaborate more on airflow during profile roasting. What is desired for different beans/roasts and when to use high/low airflow.

What to Expect from Different Levels of Airflow During Roasting

I have a roaster where I can adjust the airflow through the machine from 1-10, also the drum speed and the other things mentioned. For roasting profiles it would be helpful in knowing what i can expect from high airflow and to low airflow. Taste wise and how to use it through the roast the [...]

What is a Minimum Load on a Coffee Roaster

What is the minimum load on a production coffee roaster? Can I roast 50% capacity of a roaster? Can I roast samples on a production coffee roaster?

What Coffee Roaster to Buy?

Based on your experience what roasting machine would be the least expensive but has all the parameter needed to be a successful roaster? I'm planning to open a small coffee shop, and want to have my own coffee served. I don't want to compromise, at want to spend my capital wisely, thank you.

How to Roast Decaf Coffee

I have not seen anything about roasting decaf. are there any special considerations when roasting decaf? Scott Jensen,

Comparing the Major US Coffee Roasters

Can you compare the major US roaster attributes from San Franciscan, US Roaster Corp., and Diedrich in the 5-15k range? How do they differ in operation and city-espresso roast levels? Henri Levine

How to Troubleshoot a Roast That Has Sour Notes

I am identifying sensory milestones at about the right times, hitting first crack in 8-9 minutes, and developing the roast for 2:50-3:20.
 But my roasts are just not performing well on the cupping table. So here is my question, most generally: Where do I start troubleshooting? Roasting a Colombia Pedregal Observations: My environmental temperature is [...]