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Valerian is one of the partners at Boot Camp Coffee. He is originally from Slovakia where he co-owns the very trendy Green Plantation Coffee. Since he moved to California he works on digital coffee related projects. Check out his new podcast for coffee professionals:

Maria Ruiz on Challenges Faced by Coffee Farmers

Introducing the Casa Ruiz coffee farm. The Ruiz family is a third-generation coffee family with a farm in Boquete, Panama. Since the late 1800′s, they have been dedicated to raising traditional coffee varieties using shade growing methods known for producing excellent coffee flavor as well as preserving the local wildlife. 
Willem Boot interviews Maria Ruiz [...]

Maria Ruiz on Challenges Faced by Coffee Farmers2019-07-08T15:15:35-07:00

Hartmann Family Coffee Farm in Panama

The Hartmann family is world famous for their shade grown coffee. They are also famous for their natural and historical preservation activities. The family moved to Panama in the beginning of the 20th century from the Czech Republic. Their coffee farm is located in Santa Clara, Chiriqui region, Panama. Some of our online coffee courses [...]

Hartmann Family Coffee Farm in Panama2019-07-08T15:15:35-07:00