Willem Boot

About Willem Boot

Lives coffee since his childhood. He is the owner of Boot Coffee, the organization which initiated this project. Willem is the proud owner of Finca La Mula, his Geisha coffee farm near the Boquete Valley of Panama.

Most Common Coffee Roasting Mistakes Captured on Photos

In the art and practice of coffee roasting, we deal with a number of factors that affect the outcome of the process. Some, such as the mechanical design of the machine or the airflow capacity of the roaster, cannot be controlled by the roaster operator. However, other factors can be directly controlled, including the time/temperature [...]

Ideas for Starting a Coffee Businesses on Budget

Kees Kraakman is a familiar face on the Dutch coffee scene. Kees started as a barista at the Golden Coffee Box and his passion and devotion to quality soon took him to be their lead roaster. Trained by the best in the industry, Kees decided to share his knowledge and experience with novice roasters in [...]

Roaster Setup at Kona Coffee Purveyors Hawaii

Raymond Suiter and Willem Boot discuss the new roaster setup at Kona Coffee Purveyors in Honolulu, Hawaii. Raymond pursues the manual/artisan way of coffee roasting, but he wants to be in full control, therefore they installed some really cool improvements on their Giesen coffee roaster. Check it out:  

Interview with an Ethiopian Coffee Farmer

Interview with Gashaw Kinfe, owner of Biftu Coffee Plantation in Bench Maji Province, Ethiopia. Willem Boot asks Geshaw, about his beginnings and reasons to start a coffee farm. Geshaw will explain why is his coffee farm different then others.

Confession of a Coffee Farmer

Recently I found this forgotten footage and decided to share this with you. This video captures the strong emotions coffee farmers feel about their farms and product. Jackie Mercer, owner of Finca Los Cantares in Panama will tell us what happens when she returns to her farm. […]

Air Temperature Curve During Roasting

I have a 2kilo Roaster Authority Victory-2. Air flow is handled with a damper that allows all drum and 50/50 between drum and cooling bin. It also has a fan speed controller. I tend to roast at 100% fan speed but always running 50/50 airflow between drum and cooling bin. I feel as though I [...]

Is Mysterious Airflow so Mysterious?

I know you get a lot of questions about mysterious airflow, but I still cannot completely understand how to find the prefect balance. The variable airflow control is the most recent modification I have made to the roaster so I haven't had much time to experiment with it, but so far I have been running [...]

Tips for Upgrading a Coffee Roaster

Ben describes his modifications to his 20+ year 5kg old STA Impianti and asks Willem's opinion. We would love to hear abut your modifications and how they improved your coffee. please leave your comments bellow. His modifications: Changed the the the two large burners with only OFF/ON heat control, to a row of eight [...]

Coffee Roaster Running Too Cold

I allow myself to ask you some questions about the roaster, I could see on your video that you had a Giesen and I'm working on a 15kg one for a week now and I think i have some heat or/and fan problem. When I drop a 13kg batch, my exhaust temp is dropping way [...]

Coffee Bean Density

Willem and his class closely inspect some Central American coffees. This inspection will provide the information that they will need to plan the beginning of the roast. Willem explains the differences in density between a bean with a deep center cut and one with a closed center cut. The texture of the surface, the overall [...]