Art of Blending is a course module about blending coffee. In this course you will learn the reasons for blending coffee, the protocols which will help you efficiently create consistent coffee blends and also how to test these blends. We addressed also the most common blending – espresso blends. Jodi will explain basic coffee blending philosophy when it comes to espresso blends. She will explain the specific roast profiles you might apply when roasting blends for espresso, and finally she will show you how to test your blend for drip, espresso and milk-based espresso drinks.


Introduction to Art of Blending Course (1:25)

In this short video Jodi will introduce the Art of Blending course module.


Theory of Coffee Blending (3:49)

The two main approaches when blending coffee are the harmonious blend and the tension blend. Jodi will explain these coffee blending approaches and will give you real world examples.


Why to Blend Coffee? (2:03)

Why would a coffee professional decide to blend? What are the advantages for blending coffee? Jodi will tell you also about achieving cost efficiency while keeping the coffee up to standards.


Coffee Blending Protocol (6:37)

It is time to create a coffee blend. In this video Jodi will show you the protocol behind blending coffee called wet blending process. This coffee blending protocol will teach you how to create blends the most efficient way.


Creating the Blends (3:07)

The wet blending process helps you identify the potential coffee blend for your customers. Now it is time to assemble the blend.


Pour Over testing (5:49)

In this course video Jodi will test the created coffee blends via pour over brewing method. While she is brewing she will tell you very valuable real world tips.


Roast Profiling for Espresso (1:32)

One of the most common reasons to create coffee blends is to use them as espresso. Blends intended for espresso require a special approach when it comes to roasting. In this course video Jodi will explain the basic principles of coffee roasting. You can find more on roasting coffee in our Roasting Theory and Production Roasting modules


Roast Profiling for Espresso #2 (7:58)

In the second part of the roast profiling for espresso course video, Jodi will tell you about different roast profiles you might choose when roasting coffee for espresso blends.


Pre-Blending vs Post-Blending (2:08)

One of the most common questions when it comes to coffee blending: When do you blend – before or after roasting?


Testing the Espresso Blend (4:16)

In this course video Jodi will show you the protocol of testing coffee for espresso and milk based espresso drinks.