Coffee tasting through cupping is the first level of coffee quality test process. In the real world, your customers will brew this coffee using popular brewing methods and it is vital that you know how this coffee tastes when prepared according to each method. You should always make sure that the coffee delivers the promise given during cupping. In this course module Daniel Humphries guides you through ways to test coffee for quality, focusing on three main forms of preparation: pour over (manual and automatic), full immersion brewing (French press) and espresso.


Parameters and definitions (3:15)

Daniel explains the approach when testing coffee with popular brewing methods for your customers.


Manual Drip (8:03)

Daniel shows how to prepare coffee via manual pour over and what to focus on during this test.


French Press (6:26)

Daniel shows how to test your coffee via the very popular full immersion method – French press.


Espresso (11:23)

Daniel shows you how to test your coffee as espresso. This test is important whether you want to sell it as a single origin espresso or use it in a blend.


Automatic Drip (4:33)

Most of your customers will prepare the coffee with an automatic drip machine. Daniel shows you how to make sure that your coffee delivers its promise.