The way of the coffee bean from seed to cup is very complex. Many coffee professionals neglect this topic even-though the coffee farm and the processing mill are the places where the quality of the coffee is determined. Willem Boot will help you to understand the long path of the coffee seed from the flower into the cup. For this course module Willem picked a easily digestible format and the technical processes are amended with plenty of practical examples. After this course module you will be able to understand why some coffees taste better then others, what gives them a specific flavor profile, how is the coffee selected for different quality levels, what are the causes of the coffee defects and much more. For more information about origin you can go and see our videos at in the “Crafting Quality at Origin” online coffee course.


The Coffee Farm (7:52) – FREE

Willem Boot will walk you through a coffee farm. He will describe you the sights, sounds, smells and spirit of a coffee farm through a year. He will not leave out the people on the farm. We think that all this ads to the final quality of the cup.


The Life Cycle of a Coffee Cherry (7:44)

It is a long path from flower to ripe cherry and can take 9 and in very rare case 12 months. In this video Willem Boot will guide you through the life cycle of a coffee cherry and will explain the dangers which might shorten this path.


The Harvest (11:55)

The highlight of all coffee farms around the world is the harvest season. Willem Boot will explain steps involved in the coffee harvest and will highlight the most important moments which will translate into the quality of the cup.


Processing Coffee – The Washed Process (11:54)

Wet process, washed process, washed coffee. These are the names which describe the process of removing coffee cherry skin and mucilage with the help of the water either by fermentation or friction Willem Boot will go into details and describes this process for every coffee roaster, barista or coffee professional.


Processing Coffee – The Washed Process – Drying (15:58)

After washing the coffee the producers or the processors have to dry it. There are different paths they can choose and to pick the the right one for the local conditions is crucial for the quality of the coffee. Willem boot will explain where things can go wrong and what happens when the drying of coffee is done wrong.


Processing Coffee – The Pulp Natural and Honey Processes (8:48)

In order to create a wider variety of flavor profiles or for other reasons like saving precious water; the coffee producer can decide to process coffee with other then washed method. In this video Willem will introduce two very similar but slightly different once are the honey processing method and the pulp natural processing method.


Processing Coffee – The Sun Dried Natural Process (9:12)

Sun dried natural processing style is another processing method which does not require water. It is the oldest processing method and for long time it was underrated. When done right the sun dried natural processing method can provide very interesting flavor profile. In this video Willem Boot will describe the changes when it comes to the sun dried natural process.


Last Steps Before Shipping to Coffee Roasters (8:14)

Once all the processing steps, drying and curing is done, there are few steps remaining mostly connected with selecting different qualities of the coffee. If you want to know more how the coffee gets to you make sure you visit our”Importing Coffee” online course module.