In this course module Willem will explain the importance of importers and their role in your coffee roasting business. He will guide you through the complicated supply chain that gets coffee from its origin to your warehouse. Willem will explain the job of the importer and elaborate what problems you might face in direct trade. He will also show you the cupping protocol importers use and how the samples are marked and how they can be traced all the way back to their origin.


The Role of the Importer (8:13)

In this segment, Willem describes the vital roles of the coffee importer in the world of specialty coffee.


Direct Trade vs Importer (7:36)

Is direct trade the way to go? Willem elaborates as to why a coffee importer may be a better choice for you and when you should go through direct trade.


Pre-Purchase Sample Process (8:08)

How does an importer achieve consistency from origin to the roaster? Willem explains the coffee importer’s sampling process.


Mass Cupping (6:24)

In this video Willem shows you how the import cuppers cup. They have to test an enormous number of samples and therefore their protocol is a bit different than the one roasters use in their cupping labs.


In the Sample Room (2:18)

In Royal Coffee’s sample room Willem shows you how the samples are marked and how they can be traced back to their origin.