I allow myself to ask you some questions about the roaster, I could see on your video that you had a Giesen and I’m working on a 15kg one for a week now and I think i have some heat or/and fan problem.
When I drop a 13kg batch, my exhaust temp is dropping way too cold, my Bean Temperature curve from the turning point till the “A-point” is too long (10-11mn) and I can’t have a nice and fast evolution of my temperature. Always at 100% gas!
I try everything, increase the fan speed, decrease it. Speed up the drum, slow it down. And nothing is working. I call Giesen and we check the pressure, apparently it’s good. I clean everything, the chimney, 2 fans at the back. Nothing. With this problem i can’t create a nice roast and can’t start with a lower temp. When I’m cupping my coffee, it taste horrible.
My other issue is that my cooling tray is not fast enough, on your video you said around 3min, me it’s at least 8 to 10mn…do you know how could i speed up the fan.?
Thank you very much by advance for your interest and hope you will be able to give me a hand