Ben describes his modifications to his 20+ year 5kg old STA Impianti and asks Willem’s opinion. We would love to hear abut your modifications and how they improved your coffee. please leave your comments bellow.

His modifications:

  • Changed the the the two large burners with only OFF/ON heat control, to a row of eight smaller burners with variable gas flow control.
  • Replaced the fan motors with new ones that are more powerful and also have drives and potentiometers that gives him variable speed control.
  • Added a cyclone to catch secondary chaff that was previously going out of the flue and into the atmosphere.
  • Added temperature probes and Roastlog data logging software.

His questions:

  • What, if any, are the main differences to consider when working with this style of roaster?
  • Are there any other modifications he could make to further improve the roaster?
  • Where would be the best place to have an “Environment” temperature probe?
  • Is tipping significant if it influences only the visual roast defect that doesn’t seem to affect flavor?