Do you plan to add new videos and materials to all the packages?
Yes. We constantly add new content.

Are you serious? How can I learn cupping from videos?
Good question. Cupping requires a lot of practice, but there is an extensive theory behind smelling, and tasting, as well as protocols and best practices. Our trainers will explain the theory and reasoning behind sensory evaluation, guide you through protocols and make sure you are ready to join the crowd of cuppers.

Can I get my money back if I do not like your classes?
We try to be very transparent in what we offer. On our website you can find detailed descriptions of our Packages, Modules and Videos. You can visit our blog and familiarize yourself with our videography and presentation. Once you purchase the package we are not able to offer refunds.

Can I share my login info?
No, you cannot.

We are a company, school, institution and we need access for multiple users. Is it possible?
Yes, we offer discounts when you purchase multiple accounts. Please contact us for details.