Kees Kraakman is a familiar face on the Dutch coffee scene. Kees started as a barista at the Golden Coffee Box and his passion and devotion to quality soon took him to be their lead roaster. Trained by the best in the industry, Kees decided to share his knowledge and experience with novice roasters in Holland via his consultancy company

In this video Kees talks about his experience retailing specialty grade coffee, valuable knowledge for everyone starting to work with specialty coffee. Personally, I loved his tips and unconventional sales techniques like a pop-up cafe in Amsterdam. He is a good example of how, with the right amount of passion, you can create truly unique coffee experiences even on a limited budget. Try out his tips yourself and let us know about your experience.

We just added few videos to “Roasting Theory” course where Kees explains some of the basic concepts behind roasting focusing on profiling, heat transfer and the rate of rise.