There is many ways to grow and process coffee at the origin. In this module we want to introduce some positive examples of sustainable and nature-friendly ways of growing coffee and also discuss some of the climate issues we learn about during our quests through the coffee world. As with other modules in this course, we will keep adding more content under this heading.


Composting – Finca Bambito, Panama (2:44)

During coffee processing there is plenty of organic waste. Many farms using a sustainable approach will compost their organic waste. In this video you can see how they do it at Finca Bambito in Panama.


Waste Water Processing (2:16)

Washed coffee processing requires a lot of water and at the end of this process the water is contaminated with organic matter and caffeine. In many cases this water still ends up dumped and pollutes nearby water sources. Willem shows you that there are also positive examples like this one from Finca Bambito in Panama, where they clean and reuse the waste water.


Climate Change – Finca Palmira, Panama (9:09)

While visiting Panama at the end of the crop season in 2012 we witnessed the interesting phenomenon of early coffee bush blooming, which is due to climate change. Willem talks with Maria Ruiz about this problem.